Welcome to the Aso monkey-showman theatre!

Welcome to the Aso monkey-showman theatre!


We would like to introduce our Japanese traditional entertainment, monkey-showman, and we are pleased to announce one of our theatre, the Aso monkey-showman theatre.



“Monkey-showman” could make you feel enjoy with various performances that monkey and his tamer show, including a drama filled with laughter and tears. Each show runs about 40 minutes. Performances include balancing on a ball, jumping with forward handspring and walking on amazingly high stilts. They are so acrobatic that they are gaining good reputations more and more. Although we mainly perform under the theme of classical performances such as Samurai and Komori (babysitting), the number of new performances is on increase. No matter how many times you watch the show, you could have a wonderful time with it. “seeing is a believing”. We’ll be looking forward to meeting you here.



The Aso monkey-showman theatre is in Kumamoto prefecture and at the foot of Aso mountain, where has the world biggest caldera. It is positioned in the center of Kuamamoto, so it would take you about an hour to get here from the Kumamoto station by car (an hour and half from the Oita station). Even if you do not own/rent a car, there are a lot of transportations such as train, bus and Shinkansen, so you would have no problems.


About the theatre



You could pay a visit to our theatre all the year round because it is all-whether and air-conditioned. Also, it is possible to seat up to 600 guests comfortably, and is free of barriers.


For guests coming from overseas, we prepared “English”, “Chinese” and “Korean” subtitles during the show.


After the show, you could shake hands with a monkey. Interacting with a monkey is such an amazing experience that guests receive satisfaction.



What you could do inside our theatre

monkey mount

At the inside of theatre, there is an area called saruyama (monkey mountain), where you could see wild monkeys. Also, you are able to feed them at a feeding area. It is enjoyable to see feeding frenzy.



There is a store called “Enkoukan” next to the theatre. You could buy goods that are released locally or adorable monkey products. Especially, Osaru Manjuu (Japanese steamed bun stuffed with red bean paste and monkey pictures are printed on it) is only a goody that you are able to buy here in this theatre. At a cafeteria attached to “Enkoukan”, guests could have a wonderful time eating Japanese traditional food, Udon and Soba (Japanese traditional noodle). Likewise, we recommend you to have a rice ball filled inside with takana (Japanese pickles). Amazake (sweet alcoholic) is cooked just as the people of the past do and hot and fresh. Imo Stick (fried potatoes made in Japanese style) also tastes good because we use potatoes from local farmers. Beyond that, Yakitori (char-broiled chicken) and Misodengaku (sweet simmered fermented seasoning) are recommended.


New plans


Dining with a group and lunch menus



At “Enkoukan”, you could have various kinds of lunches, such as deep-fried breaded pork, fried chicken, Sukiyaki Udon (noodle cooked in soy sauce, sake and sugar) and so on. We would be glad to make a reservation for you at any time.


Nagashi somen (flowing noodle) and barbeque


vermicelli1.jpg bbq.jpg

Last year, a new area called niconico hiroba was opened. You could enjoy experiencing Japan’s unique and traditional cuisine culture, flowing noodle, or barbecue. We would like you to make an advanced reservation to do them.




We would like you to accept our sincerest gratitude for supports of the Great East Japan Earthquake and aid received from all over the world. Fortunately, our recovery progresses, and guests could ensure and enjoy safety of food and transportation. Please, we would like you to have a great time doing sightseeing in Kyusyu with an easy mind. Again, we’ll be expecting you to come here in the Aso monkey-showman theatre.